This website works with JUX3.0, an opensource framework, where each module is a web application that is shown as one more section. Some modules are fixed and necessary for normal operation and others are optional. Among the fixed ones we have the one that manages access control or access to databases, and among the optional ones we have the store, the contact form or the one that allows us to have static pages. There are more modules, such as forums, blog, chats, etc.

Control panel or Trastienda

The Control Panel or Backroom is accessible only to web administrators and it can handle all the configurable and / or editable aspects of the web as well as the different installed modules. Depending on what permissions we have assigned, we can do more or less things. This module has several tabs:

Items. Here we will add articles, with their prices, images, presentations and types. Each item has its main image and a miniature, both can be .jpg or .png with a white or transparent background, with recommended dimensions of approximately 800 to 1000px in height for the main one and 150 to 250px for the miniature and a width of between 1/4 and 1/2 of the height. In any case, the visualization is determined by the web design, regardless of the actual dimensions of the images.

Orders. When a customer makes a purchase, in this table we will see the data of the order placed, even if it was not completed. However, the bank or organization whose payment gateway we use would also post the corresponding notification, if this has been agreed with the entity.

Discount coupons.

Access control. Here we can configure Users , Groups and Permissions . A Permission is a type of operation that can be associated with a page and / or an action, and a user or group of users. For example, users who have the Add Pages permission will be able to add new pages to the web, or those who belong to the Manage Store group will be able to add and modify items in the store. A user can be a member of several groups, and will have the permissions of all the groups of which he is a member. Each module will define the permissions that it needs and from the control panel we will be able to assign those permissions to the groups and / or users that are desired. When installing the web, the Administrators group is created, which has the permissions to edit groups, users and permissions, and a user admin member of this group.

Pages. Módulo pages. It allows to add / modify and delete static pages, like this one ..

  • Add : Typing the url [domain] / page /. The name of the page should only contain letters between a and z and / or numbers, without tildes or eñes, as this will be the identifier to form the url. Then you can edit the page by simply clicking on the Modify link.
  • Modify : On each page there is a "Modify" link that puts us in edit mode. In the Pages tab, in the Control Panel or Backroom, you can also modify and add pages, as well as define their order, visibility, etc....


  • Types.
  • Wineries.
  • DO
  • Taxes
  • Agencies
  • Destinos
  • Tarifas
  • Langs
  • Translation
  • Templates
  • Settings



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