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var clicked='';
    $(".swipebox").swipebox({selector:'.swipebox',hideBarsDelay : 0,});

$('#convertHTML').click(function () {
    var encodedStr = $('#inputCode').val().replace(/[\u00A0-\u9999<>\&]/gim, function(i) {
       return '&#'+i.charCodeAt(0)+';';
    $('#output').html(encodedStr.replace(/&/gim, '&'));

            <!doctype html>
            <html lang="en-US">
                <meta charset="utf-8">                
                <meta name="generator" content="JSFiddle">
                <meta name="description" content="Displaying your source code on web page.">
                <meta name="author" content="Anna Medvedeva">
                <h1>Displaying your source code on web page</h1>
                <p1>Do you read, write and speak code? Learn how to share your skills!</p>

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